My specialties

I'm a Chicago-based journalist who reports on education, immigration and Latino community news.

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Jordan's Jasper

A once highly segregated East Texas town revisits its past through photos.

Hardship and hope

For teens in mixed-status immigrant families, life is full of complications.

'We are a family'

Two sisters — one undocumented, one a U.S. citizen — find that immigration status can affect sibling relationships.

Rahm's rookies

Six twentysomethings tell their tales of tweeting for, traveling with and taking date-night suggestions from the Chicago mayor.

“I really was hungry, but I thought I was doing a really good job. I would cry looking at myself in the mirror.” -Lago Delsol Guzman, East Aurora High School student on a difficult period in her life when she was cutting and not eating after being bullied